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Cute or scary…I can’t decide

13 May

During the movie Almost Famous, Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character, a music critic, talks about how he used to stay up late, writing and writing in a drug-induced frenzy.  The next day he’d look at what he’d written — nothing but drivel.  That’s how I felt last night…only no drugs were involved!  I just couldn’t put my brain to rest so I began sorting through all my piles and attempting to bring some order to one small corner of my house.  So the things I created, and I use the term loosely, don’t quite have that adrenaline-infused shine today.  I see the stripes.  But…I’m sharing them anyway and you can decide if they’re shaping up to be cute, or just plain scary.

First, I’ll show you the very old and loved doll.  Celluloid eyes.  Extremely cracked.  One hand missing.  I dressed her in a stained baby dress and a fur hat.  Yes, I know it’s summer.  But even a bikini wax wouldn’t make her bathing-suit material.  So I winterized her.  Hey, maybe I should put her on one of the four sleds I’ve purchased recently and have Christmas in July!  Here she is, in all her glory:

scary doll 002

I changed my mind on the hat and added a  “lost doll” tag that I cut out of an old primer.  Here’s the close-up:

scary doll 004

Last weekend my neighbor across the street had a garage sale.  She had an antiques shop at one time, so it was a rather cool garage sale.  I picked up a bunch of old empty seed packets.  I’ve taken a few of them to the shop, but decided to create this little “collage” with some more of them:

scary doll 003

Unfortunately, at 2 a.m. I was unable to find my lace, so I’ll have to finish it tonight.  Plus I stamped the D in “garden” backward.  Think anyone will notice?  Looks more folksy that way, I say.  Hahahaha.

I ran across this old book cover and took it to the shop today to add some color to an old Victrola horn:

book cover

Tomorrow I’ll try to snap a pic of the dog show ribbon display I put up today in the shop.  I’ll also be carting a bench and a headboard to my space, since a couple of things have sold.  Oh, yeah, the doll will go tomorrow, too…cute OR scary!