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Tall Man Scavenger Hunt: You’re invited to play along!!

3 Jun

One of my Facebook friends went on a tall man scavenger hunt recently, which looked like a fun, harmless game to play while on a pub crawl.  They took tons of pictures with random tall men.  The idea cracked me up…so…I’m inviting you, dear friend, to participate in a junkified man scavenger hunt.  I don’t care if he’s tall…just post on your blog a man-related photo and leave me a comment or somehow link to me so I can find it.  I’ll award one of my turn-of-the-century art drawing books to the most creative post.  It is June, you know…Father’s Day and whatnot…so the timing is appropriate, methinks.  Simply post your pics on or before June 7 to be considered for this most excellent prize:

a shop 003

  Here’s my photo, in keeping with the art theme:

naked art man2

Yowza!  If art models looked like that when I was in school, I’d have taken more art classes!!  This photo belongs to a friend of mine, and she was kind enough to share it with me.  I thought he’d be perfect to kick off the junkified man scavenger hunt! 

Let the hunt begin!  Have fun…hope you’ll play… now go find you a man!!


Happy Mother’s Day

9 May


mothers day

mothers day 001

mothers day 002

What an excellent day to purchase your raffle tickets for the Baby Bella benefit!  Have a perfect day…