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What do you collect?

25 Mar


Yesterday, while walking through the fields of Warrenton, my junking buddy Janet asked me that title question. All I could come up with was Floraline pottery. Yes. I spare NO expense when it comes to my collections! But I couldn’t name anything else. Duh.

I’m a sucker for anything with my name on it. Luckily, with a common married name like Day, I run across stuff regularly. The photo above is of my most recent purchase. I’ll probably frame them.

Hope you’re having a nice DAY! (That joke never gets old…)


Deja Vu

28 Jan

In her third — count ’em — giveaway of the year, Amy of Four Sisters in a Cottage has 100+ pieces of ephemera up for grabs! Since I didn’t win her last giveaway, I’m going for it again. Maybe you should, too… unless YOU won the last one. In which case I think you should give it a rest instead.  Check out the giveaway here. Then step aside as I elbow my way to the winner’s circle. 

Have a junkalicious weekend…

***Pssst…just got home from working on my far-away space to discover an email from Amy of Four Sisters in a Cottage…I WON!!!! {guess I’ll be sitting out her birthday giveaway later this week.)

Ephemera giveaway? Say it ain’t so…

7 Jan

Just found out via Vintage Sue, that there is a pretty fine Valentine’s Day giveaway happening over at the Four Sisters in a Cottage blog. You can get the full story and enter here.  {Hey! Did you notice anything? I finally learned how to embed a link! Yay!}

I don’t enter many giveaways, but I ate LOTS of black-eyed peas on New Year’s Day, so I’m feelin’  *pretty* lucky!  I don’t want to force you to enter, of course! But… you should check out all the cool vintage stuff that’s for sale on the Four Sisters in a Cottage website. {Man, I’m linkin’ like CRAZY!} But I must warn you, lots of listings are already marked “sold.” 

Good luck!

Tall Man Scavenger Hunt: You’re invited to play along!!

3 Jun

One of my Facebook friends went on a tall man scavenger hunt recently, which looked like a fun, harmless game to play while on a pub crawl.  They took tons of pictures with random tall men.  The idea cracked me up…so…I’m inviting you, dear friend, to participate in a junkified man scavenger hunt.  I don’t care if he’s tall…just post on your blog a man-related photo and leave me a comment or somehow link to me so I can find it.  I’ll award one of my turn-of-the-century art drawing books to the most creative post.  It is June, you know…Father’s Day and whatnot…so the timing is appropriate, methinks.  Simply post your pics on or before June 7 to be considered for this most excellent prize:

a shop 003

  Here’s my photo, in keeping with the art theme:

naked art man2

Yowza!  If art models looked like that when I was in school, I’d have taken more art classes!!  This photo belongs to a friend of mine, and she was kind enough to share it with me.  I thought he’d be perfect to kick off the junkified man scavenger hunt! 

Let the hunt begin!  Have fun…hope you’ll play… now go find you a man!!

Might as well face it, I’m addicted to…

24 May

…junk.  To be more specific, I’m addicted to ephemera.  Well…that and a lot of other things.  But I do have a paper problem.  When I confessed my addiction today to a woman who sold me 20+ strawberry pint labels from the 1930s, her response was, “at least it’s not heroin!”  Wow!  That really puts things in perspective, doesn’t it?  And that was exactly what I needed…a new way to look at things!  I’m adopting her rosy outlook when it comes to junk.  We talk a lot about junk, junkies, dealers — there must be a T-shirt idea in there somewhere — but hey…at least it’s not heroin!  So here’s a bit of paper I purchased today:


Isn’t he great?  Wonder if  he’d have the same appeal if he were multi-dimensional?  Guess we’ll never know.  His picture was filed as “man” on my computer.  So when the photo had finished uploading to this post, it read “100% man.”  Ha.  Like we didn’t know that already.

But, since my junking rarely involves mantiques, thought I’d share with you another manly item that I purchased a while ago:

man 001

Artist Kathryn Tilford created this looker…  Must say I fancy him more than his blazerless predecessor. 

I’m off to sort through and price ephemera,  and my brain cells will thank me in the morning!

While the cat’s away…

20 May

…the mouse will create:

a shop 001

Found the turn-of-the-20th-century art books at the flea market last weekend.  Confession:  I have a giant weakness for ephemera.  Have I said that before?  Even so…it’s worth repeating.  I wanted to keep every single one of the 13 books because they were all different.  I want them to sell, but won’t be disappointed if I MUST hold on to a few of them — especially the ones focusing on body parts.   I left them at the shop today, paired with the art brushes in a silverplate tray alongside a French bust which reads “La Paix.”  I don’t have a photo of the bust, but I do have a story!  I got her at auction last night, thinking she was cast bronze.  She’s not.  I’m hoping she’s really old, and I think she is.  I’m hoping she’s NOT from China via crate from France.  She’ll be priced like the real thing, since I bid thinking she was bronze!  Duh!! *Always preview auction items before bidding!*

I have the run of the house until 1:55 Saturday, so I’m taking complete advantage of spreading out projects and accomplishing quite a lot.  It helps that a new commercial is being filmed for the shop, and my space may be in it.  Needless to say, that means a lot of fluffing since stuff keeps selling whether there’s a commercial pending or not!  I have lots of holes I’m trying to fill on the walls.  Here’s what I’ll be haging tomorrow:

a shop 011

My son was all, “Why are you doing wedding stuff?”  Well, it is getting close to June, is it not?  Am I too early?  Am I too late?  My girls (dress forms, that is) all got their pearls in anticipation of the big month…I’ll be breaking out the cake topper collection soon!  I’ve amassed a number of them this year.

Another creation that will be hung tomorrow:

a shop 008

I’ve always loved how people were so serious in all those old photos.  This assemblage speaks to that very issue.  Next I’ll be digging out the wedding photos.  A friend gave me a really cute trellis that I’ll be using for my wedding pic display this year.  Can’t wait.  I love doing wedding, even though I usually don’t sell much of it. 

Tomorrow I may take a much-needed break from painting and creating.  I was hoping for some estate sales, but haven’t heard of any happening tomorrow.  Guess I’ll check the paper early in the morning.  In the meantime, there’s a pillow with my name on it somewhere in this mess of a nest.  I’ll be dreaming of good junk…