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Music to my ears

9 Mar

There’s nothing quite like an early morning phone message that goes something like this:

“We’re at a house with lots of junk. Come meet us.”

Well… Let me think about it.

 Twist my arm.

Big. Fat. Ha. In reality it was more like, ” YES! I’ll be right over as soon as I brush my teeth and hair and throw on yesterday’s clothes.”

I’d love to show you my haul, but somehow in all the excitement I left my cell phone at home. And that’s how I’ve been taking photos these days, you know.

After once again filling my trunk, I immediately headed to the shop to leave a few things, including a chippy pink bench and a black folding plant stand.  AND…I have more stuff to pick up tomorrow and Friday. 

Photos to come. 

But… since this is White Wednesday, here’s a little peek at my Homestead space:

Happy junking trails to you!


Spring for a day

2 Feb

When I met my mom and sister in Llano Sunday, we turned on the air conditioner while we worked in the shop. The high temperature for the day was around 80 degrees.   {Today we’re expected to top out at 34.}

We added a bit of a springtime touch to our space:

Do you ever create a display and then spend more time basking in its beauty than it took you to put it together? This was one of those displays. A beautiful collaborative effort…

Feather pillows, lilies, an open book and harmony…

I’m feeling warmer already!

Who knew Scrabble letters were seasonal?

16 Jun

In my world, I am the queen of Scrabble letters, able to unearth tile boards and find the elusive “Y” on demand!  And still…I did not know, until recently, that Scrabble letters were seasonal!  Popular? Yes. But seasonal? They must be. I’ve sold some almost every day over the past couple of weeks. 

And I’ve become a bit anal about my letters.  Sometimes, at the end of the day, I’ll take the whole bunch home. I stack them up according to letter, to make sure I don’t have an overabundance of any one letter.  The excess letters are then put into baggies and used randomly for jewelry projects. Once I refresh the stock, I carry the new letters back to the shop before it opens the very next day.  Because a day without Scrabble letters would be like a day without sunshine. 

Soft drinks may be a convenience store’s cash cow.  Mine is Scrabble tiles.  And at only a quarter a piece, everyone can afford one or two.  Plus, my hand gets a workout pricing those littler boogers.  My friend Bea would say, “That’s a lot of sugar for a nickel,” but I’d ignore her.

I don’t have a corner on the Scrabble letter market.  One vendor *cough, cough* added magnets to the back and sold the letters for a dime more.  Another vendor — new to the store — undercuts my price by a dime.  Yet my letters continue to sell.  When I got my big space at Homestead, I didn’t give up my original spot.  Why? Well…I wanted everyone to be sure they could find the Scrabble letters!  Okay. There may have been other reasons too.  But, still… 

And I don’t limit my tile supply simply to Scrabble.  I’ve been known to throw in different letter tiles now and again. Old black Anagram tiles have been highly popular. I just don’t find them at a reasonable price very often. But everyone loves a Scrabble letter or two or three.  And they leave me messages.  I wrote about someone leaving me the o-v-e-r-p-r-i-c-e-d message a while back.  But lately the messages have been sweeter.  One time I left “Cake is good.” I came in later to find the message changed to “Cake is not good for you.”  But when I come in to find “luv you,” once again all is right with the world. It’s like my own little, and by little I mean short, www.postsecret.com world.

Is a picture worth a thousand words?

2 Feb

If my head were veal, which I know it is not, how much would it be worth?  Oh, never mind…here are some more shop shots.  And at last count these pictures were worth roughly 465 words.

I’ve had the framed handsome man forever … and at such a low price, you could toss him and keep just the frame.

That tape measure from England is 40 feet long.  Su suggested that I price it a dollar per foot, but it’s much cheaper.

My colorful side…Today I watched in dismay as a customer dismantled this entire display then walked away empty-handed, leaving everything in her wake in disarray.  Luckily I was still around to pretty it up again.

The art I used on that particular altar candle is from Hudson’s Holidays.  Lots of great digital collage sheets to choose from.

The bookshelf under that houndstooth case sold yesterday.  It was one of the reasons I ran around picking up furniture today and did a quick little altering of the space.  But it was actually fine that the bookshelf sold.  It was virtually empty.  That’s how low I am on smalls right now.  The houndstooth case is from a tailor in Hong Kong.  The story I was told is that tailors shipped their alterations to customers in these cases.  Don’t know if it’s true.  But I’d be happy to accept a delivery of just about anything if it were in such a cute case.

Another one of my girls…I’m sure she’s lonely, since her twin was adopted well before Christmas.

Another bit of color… This display makes me happy.  And ready for spring.

Stuff I’ve had for a while, just rearranged.

It’s Texas.  And soon we’ll be out on our porches…

So today while I was out rounding up some furniture (a story I’ll save for my next blog), I went in one of my not-so-favorite stores.  I don’t like it because it bores me.  I need eye candy.  There may be some really cool stuff there, but I can’t see it because of all the craptastic displays.  Seriously.  I left with a songbook (more irony…buying things that aren’t selling right now), a couple of other books and a travel clock.  I found an awesome chunky frame, but it wasn’t for sale … another one of my pet peeves.  Surely everything has a price.  And if it doesn’t, shouldn’t you just keep it at home?  I picked up a pair of retro sunglasses at the same shop … NFS…WTF?  I do understand why people who deal only in smalls mark their display pieces NFS, but sunglasses?  A frame?  I give up.  And from the looks of things…so should they.  Now that I’ve been so tacky, my good Karma will probably come to a screeching halt.  Oh, well.  I’ll take my chances.