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Wordy Wednesday: Pickin’ and grinnin’

15 Aug

I found a pair of hotel pitchers at the flea market. Different hotels, but both marked.


This case is original to the ROLLER SKATES hidden inside!


My vow to buy NO. MORE. BOOKS. was quickly broken when I saw this at the flea market.


Cut velvet from the flea market


Found this amazing cooler in Georgetown at Gatherings. Too scared to bring it in the house since I’m purging, it’s resting sweetly at the shop.


Chair once belonged to a friend, pillows belonged to a neighbor and the book was the second vow-breaker I found Sunday at the flea.


You’d break a vow for this too. I just know it.


Scale part! Nice ‘n’ rusty. Karly got its much better twinkie at the flea.


I’m now the proud owner of a kazillion of these bottles. “If you buy them all, I’ll make you a really good deal.” She wasn’t joking. Therefore, I bought!


A pair of these came home with me from the flea. One will be heading to college with the elder son, if I can convince myself that it won’t cause a fire in a 1930s dorm…


Maybe my favorite find from Sunday. I don’t know why.


SOLD! One blue and one white fish-shaped pool lounge chair. G-sale success…


Egads…leftovers from a box lot auction buy. Never again.


Childhood memories…


This table remained unchanged and unsold at the g-sale. Maybe it was too cute for its tablecloth.

Toward the end of last week I was all, “I’m so tired of STUFF!” I was smack dab in the middle of trying to make some kind of sense out of our storage room when the garage sale idea was born.

So we had our garage sale over the weekend. Two full days in 100-degree heat. We ended up about $1300 richer, thanks to a couple of sweet sales and my trendy taste in furniture. (Joke)

My husband was out of town during the whole shebang. Before he flew away to cooler temperatures, I warned him that I might sell everything. (That right there is some kind of creepy cool foreshadowing.)

Little did I know that the raspy-voiced woman from our last g-sale would return. Little did I know that she, in her too-short shorts and skimpy tank top, had connections. And maybe because we suffered sights that should remain unseen while we helped her load at our last sale, we were met with some kickin’ karma: Her connection spent $900 with me. And I have his card just in case I decide I can part with my dining room furniture at some point in the future.

Because I like to sweat so much, I got up nice and early Sunday morning for some flea market action. I would’ve skipped it had I not been meeting Karly, of Gypsy Treasures fame. She’s so much fun to hang with, as is her hubby. And their kids are precious…even if the wee one had his shorts on backwards. Or maybe because he did. They arose at 0-dark-thirty to make the trek to San Antonio from Boerne, which is quite a drive when you have a 7 am play date, though not as far as Houston or Louisiana, where they used to live. So glad she’s close enough that we’ll get the chance to be more than 6-month friends!

Most of the pictures above are flea market finds from Sunday. A couple are from our garage sale. I tried to make the sale cute, but nothing’s cute in a brown yard when it’s 100 degrees.



On the road again

28 Apr

Taking a mini tour of Texas this weekend, starting here:

This will be a new experience for me! It’s their second show,  and it’s about five hours from San Antonio. I’ll be headed that way tonight. Otherwise, I might miss the luncheon and its featured speaker! {Hopefully I won’t have to fight any fires along the way. Literally.}

THEN… early Saturday morning I’ll be heading to the DFW metroplex for a little fun and games lots of hard work. Maybe even some sweat. But certainly some good food and, if I’m lucky, some excellent company and conversation.

THEN… on Sunday, I’ll be sweatin’ it in Canton. If you have to sweat, there’s hardly a better place to do it. {I said hardly. I have my loyalties.}

THEN…it’s back home again. And if the junking gods have my back, I think I’ll be carting home some treasures from all my destinations!

SO… if you’re going to be in any of the areas I’ve mentioned, be sure to give me a shout out. I’ll look you up!

The junking urge

11 Apr


After a week in Warrenton, it’s hard to get back to local junking.

Yet somehow, miraculously, I managed.

Hitting a neighborhood garage sale first thing probably wasn’t the wisest decision I could’ve made — considering I’m not, by nature, a garage saler to begin with — but I did find a few things.

The junk outlook greatly improved over the weekend when I met my mom for a junk exchange and scored the sweet cubby above. Then I just happened to hear from one of my favorite sources, which resulted in a big buy. THEN the flea market paid off rather nicely Sunday.

Now I’m in the junk management phase, which isn’t pretty. Or fun. I much prefer buying and display to the mundane cleaning,  pricing, painting, and storing. But I’m in the middle of a big mess. So pardon me while I de-clutter a bit. Once I dig myself out again, I may be able to take some new photos…

Another giveaway alert!

12 Jan

Seriously… another giveaway.

This time it’s over at VintageSue’s blog. Check it out. But really… it’s okay if you don’t enter!  And while you’re over there, sneak a peek at her flea market treasures. I couldn’t resist the shabby framed birdcage prints.  {SOLD!!} Wonder if there are any goodies left? Maybe I need to head back over there myself!

{This photo has nothing to do with this post! Just more of my stuff available at Homestead.}

Hope you’ve had an excellent Wednesday. I had a fabulous day, which started with a text message from Beverly at Glory B’s Cottage. She’s trying to blog, y’all… she really is. She’s just experiencing some technical difficulties.  But… she did send me some pictures with her texts.  Good junk.  {I’d post them here, but I’m thinking she’s saving them for her next blog post.}

After a killer lunch stop at San Antonio’s newest cool spot — a TRAILER PARK for FOOD TRUCKS  of all things — I dropped off a few things at the shop.  But let’s back up to the food stuff. Our newspaper was just saying how cupcakes are over. But I picked up some fabulous carrot cake and strawberry mango cupcakes to take to the women working at Homestead. Five out of five of us agreed the cupcake is here to stay for a while. At least in San Antonio. At least these cupcakes. Sometimes we’re behind a year or five on all things cultural in SA.  AND our newspaper also had on their out list {which was written by Houstonians}: food trucks. Maybe it’s time to cancel that subscription!

So … back to the junk… at Homestead today I scored one of those great satin heart pin cushions. You know, the ones with loosely stitched crochet over them? {That’s only weakness #506 for me.} I also bought a bag of junk jewelry that included NINE rosaries. NINE … Yep,  NINE.  I ended up with about 40 decent pieces {a steal} — some to resell some to use on my apron project.

{Same gratuitous advertising for my shop space.}

Then, to top of a fantastic day, I went to World Market to spend $70 in rewards!  Naturally, I went over by some bucks that I refuse to be specific about.  But the cashier gave me another $10 off (coupon).  Excellent.

Can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow!  At least three estate sales within 10 minutes of my house… !

This is a test

6 Jun


This is only a test. I’m trying to blog from my phone. I took some swell pix at Homestead earlier today. Let’s see if I can load one! This is my juxtaposition girl…

**Okay…now I’m on my computer.  It worked! Yay!! Suddenly I see myself becoming a contributing member of  blogland again. Is that good?!  (I just need to remember to watch out for auto-correct spelling.  Plus I didn’t know it loaded the image above the text … minor distractions.) **

Tennis, anyone?

4 Jun

What a racquet!  I don’t think I’ll be purchasing these, when I can pick them up for a song at flea markets.  See what you think:

Seriously.  That’s a little out of range, and looks ridiculous next to Target prices.  I’m not familiar with the source, so I don’t know the whole story.  But I must admit it leaves me wondering if CL is being paid for product placement.  I hate it when that happens.

Time flies, except when you’re waiting for Warrenton!

24 Mar

Here we are … almost TWO MONTHS down the road from my last post.  Where has the time gone?  Not to blogging, obviously.  Every time I think I’ll start blogging up a storm again, well, I don’t.  And it’s not like I don’t have tons to talk about!  As we creep toward my WARRENTON (!) weekend, I’ve been killing time and saving money for the trip by shopping from my own storage room.  And I must admit, it has been a little like Christmas and very rewarding. 

I’ve had two plastic dress forms for the longest time.  They are covered in some stretchy disintegrating fabric, and I never could decide what to do with them.  I was thinking of stripping off the fabric…too much work for lazy ol’ me.  So…that left me with an option to somehow attach something to them to cover their gnarly state.  I thought about book pages, but they are too fragile to pin.  So…as I was sorting through my storage room, I discovered a huge lot of old photos in a plastic bag.  I couldn’t even recall getting them.  So either they were put in a shopping bag by mistake months ago or I got them dirt cheap.    Anyway, I decided to pin them all over one of the dress forms, and got this as the result:

One dress form down, one to go. 

Other interesting finds in my storage room:  Hanky after hanky…guess I’ve been hoarding for a display.  Now I need to come up with some swank way to display them.  I also discovered a Lladro bunny I’d bought many months ago.  Took him to the shop today with a chunky price tag.  I know people collect that stuff, which is why I bought him to begin with, but he’s just too shiny for me and looks, quite frankly, like something you would see at the dollar store.  If you are a collector, I’m sure you see something special in him that I just can’t begin to imagine.  And I bow down to you, even though we don’t share tastes.  Perhaps my favorite storage room find was a 1920s creamy satin dress covered in old lace.  Beautiful.  I can’t remember where I bought it, but remember buying it because of the lace.  I think it’s too small for my Homestead girl, so it’ll be travelin’ to Llano soon.

And I’ll be travelin’ soon, but not to Llano! Hope to see you in Warrenton!  I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday and then again Saturday, April 3.  If I can convert my storage room finds to cash this pay period, I’ll be a happy little Warrenton shopper.  Here’s to good junk in the days ahead!  And to more blogging…hopefully.