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Keep or sell? That is the question…

10 Feb


A couple of years ago, I brought this statue home with me because someone broke her feet completely off at the shop. She was pretty pricey. And I was plenty miffed.


I had found her at an estate sale. Purchased on the discount day, she was still a little spendy. So I had to charge more for her. Then tragedy struck. Since she was no longer able to stand, I rescued her and brought her home with me to live out her final years. She got quite comfy resting on her side on a tea cart in the corner of my pink room.

Then I bought a “crown” from vintagesue. (Her blog is on my blogroll, but she doesn’t use it anymore. She’s now selling through her Facebook page, aptly called vintagesue. You should check it out.)  I thought the crown would look so smashing on a cement statue, but the only statue I had was a gargoyle. That wasn’t quite the look I had in mind.  So I decided to place the crown on a dress form instead.


And I loved it there. By the window. In my pink room.

Until I remembered my footless statue.


I think she was born to wear that crown! It seems to have lifted her spirits. So tonight I planted the footless girl, topped with the lovely crown, in a mid-century tulip. So far she hasn’t toppled over and broken the planter. She is quite heavy and I am known for making bad decisions that end up putting someone’s eye out. (Okay. That may be a BIT dramatic.) Tomorrow I’ll fill in around her with moss. Then I must decide whether to keep or sell. I always meant to sell the planter, but I’m rather attached to it now. And if I took my creation to the shop, I’d have a huge hole to fill in the pink room and in my heart.


Cute or scary…I can’t decide

13 May

During the movie Almost Famous, Phillip Seymour Hoffman’s character, a music critic, talks about how he used to stay up late, writing and writing in a drug-induced frenzy.  The next day he’d look at what he’d written — nothing but drivel.  That’s how I felt last night…only no drugs were involved!  I just couldn’t put my brain to rest so I began sorting through all my piles and attempting to bring some order to one small corner of my house.  So the things I created, and I use the term loosely, don’t quite have that adrenaline-infused shine today.  I see the stripes.  But…I’m sharing them anyway and you can decide if they’re shaping up to be cute, or just plain scary.

First, I’ll show you the very old and loved doll.  Celluloid eyes.  Extremely cracked.  One hand missing.  I dressed her in a stained baby dress and a fur hat.  Yes, I know it’s summer.  But even a bikini wax wouldn’t make her bathing-suit material.  So I winterized her.  Hey, maybe I should put her on one of the four sleds I’ve purchased recently and have Christmas in July!  Here she is, in all her glory:

scary doll 002

I changed my mind on the hat and added a  “lost doll” tag that I cut out of an old primer.  Here’s the close-up:

scary doll 004

Last weekend my neighbor across the street had a garage sale.  She had an antiques shop at one time, so it was a rather cool garage sale.  I picked up a bunch of old empty seed packets.  I’ve taken a few of them to the shop, but decided to create this little “collage” with some more of them:

scary doll 003

Unfortunately, at 2 a.m. I was unable to find my lace, so I’ll have to finish it tonight.  Plus I stamped the D in “garden” backward.  Think anyone will notice?  Looks more folksy that way, I say.  Hahahaha.

I ran across this old book cover and took it to the shop today to add some color to an old Victrola horn:

book cover

Tomorrow I’ll try to snap a pic of the dog show ribbon display I put up today in the shop.  I’ll also be carting a bench and a headboard to my space, since a couple of things have sold.  Oh, yeah, the doll will go tomorrow, too…cute OR scary!

Blog Clog or Abandonment?

7 Apr

I can’t decide.  I’ve been so busy over the last couple of weeks.  But who hasn’t?  Am I already blog clogged?  The problems started when my computer SD card reader stopped working.  So I haven’t been able to upload any photos.  I can’t find the wires to hook my camera directly to the computer, so I decided to blog sans photos before I’m charged with abandonment and found guilty!  It’s been a wild and wacky world lately, and the junking’s been good.  Two trips to Warrenton = two van loads of fantastic finds!  I’ll try to load photos eventually.  Saturday was the final official day at Warrenton, and because of all the wild weather and near hurricane-force winds, lots of dealers were starting to pack up Saturday.  I felt like the rug was being pulled out from under me as I wondered from field to field.  I ended up with some lovely items at a fraction of the original cost.  I bought a LOT of pillows — 12 maybe? — made from vintage quilts and chenille spreads.  When I move into my new space May1, I’ll have lots of pretties to top the bed I’m planning to construct.  I also came upon a lot of wooden theatre seats in groups of three.  I bought three sets for $5 each!  Wow.  She was originally asking $35/set.  I found a shabby ladder for $10 that was made to display all those watering cans I picked up at auction a few weeks ago.  One of my favorite vendors, The Pink Elephant, is going out of business.  She’s been dealing antiques for 30 years and has spent many nights in a tent during the Warrenton shows.  I think the weather this time did her in.  I’ll miss her and her wonderful southern accent and charm as much as I’ll miss all the shabby stuff she always carts to Warrenton.  She let things go for a song Saturday, so I came home with a shabby French cuisine restaurant sign, a little shabby table, a pink trellis, and some shabby garden smalls.  One of the strangest things I bought had to have been a collection (you knew I couldn’t just buy one!) of dog show ribbons.  The man I purchased them from had bought out an estate from a woman who had show dogs.  He even had the dog bowls, leash and training whistle.  All the ribbons I bought were from the 60s.  I can’t wait to display them, though I won’t be making a quilt out of them, which he suggested I do.  He also sold me a Victrola horn, which is perfectly shaped like a witch hat!  Until Halloween, I think I’ll put a light kit in it and use it as a chandelier — also his suggestion, and I’m taking that one!  He set us up with 15% off coupons for the fall show which will begin September 17!  I’ll be there unless it’s a 100 degree week.  If you’ve never been to Warrenton, you owe it to yourself to make the trek.  You’re surrounded by stuff you love, inspired by the most creative souls on the planet, and shopping with your soulmates.  What could be better?  Whew . . . I feel like I’ve swallowed drano and cleared the clog.  Now I’m off to school to pick up my son.  I’ll post pics as soon as the camera situation is resolved.