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F is for …

8 Apr





But mostly, F is for French Vanilla. At Marburger Farm.



Ahh…spring in Texas

3 Mar

I love being a Texan *most* of the time. And having just registered for the June Paper Cowgirl art retreat in Waxahachie, it occurred to me just how fortunate I am to live so close to so much talent, opportunity and inspiration! 

This will be my first Paper Cowgirl retreat. I’m taking a full load of classes and can’t wait to experience vendor night. Maybe I’ll work up the courage to actually VEND one of these years.

Then there’s Antiques Week. It’s huge. And when this puppy arrives in the mail, you know it’s time to start getting excited:

Clutter is one of a million things that happen between March 25 and April 2nd in minute Warrenton/Round Top, Texas. Barren fields spring to life. And there is SO much junk to be had. If you have a chance to experience it, DO IT! It’s life changing!!

{And dealer friends…if I remember correctly, Clutter offers a pretty sweet discount on certain purchases.}

Amongst all the happenings in the fields of Warrenton, this is where you’ll find me come Sunday, March 27:

That graphic alone should make all you out-of-staters want to book that flight right now and head our way! I’ve never been able to go to one of Theresa’s parties before. But this year I’m making it a priority. So move over, bacon… Here I come!

And then there’s Zapp Hall with Mindy to visit with; and Sweet Talk and Red Door and Willow Nest and Magnolia Pearl at Marburger; and Apropos in Northgate Field (close to Clutter); and The Pink Elephant and those really nice people from Michigan in Bar W; and The Seed Box Antiques with TWO locations this year (outside of Coles and somewhere else), and the Junk Gypsy Company and … stop me before I need to breathe into a paper bag!  And that’s just the beginning! I didn’t mention my friend Charles and Cristie Connelly (who should’ve bought that fire hose!) and (someone save me from) the linen lady… So much to see and do…so little time.

So a HUGE thank you in advance to ALL the wonderful vendors who pull so much together and prevail no matter what mother nature throws at you.  Your customers — Yes, I speak for ALL of us — love you! 

See you all soon!