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Stained glass makes me giddy…

5 May

But why can’t I stop with just one beautiful piece?  Why did I have to bid on 13 pieces, most of which had cracks?  I guess that’s what happens when you go to auction and someone thwarts your plan to get all the cheap stuff at the end.  Someone who has mucho $$ to spend.  Someone who’ll outbid you at any price.  I couldn’t even be a proper bottom feeder tonight, because some newbie way overbid everyone at the end of the auction.  Guess no one bothered to tell him that if you put in a couple of hours, you expect to get SOMETHING dirt cheap.  Not tonight.  But I will say that I’m happy for the auctioneer, who finally got some decent cash for a shipment from England.  I’m just a pathetic loser.  I think I even rolled my eyes once as I was being outbid.  Not cool.

So…happy May!  I survived the moving-into-a-big-space week, and have taken a bit of a rest over the past couple of days.  No Sunday flea market for me.  I did manage to hit a couple of garage sales and an estate sale Saturday, but that’s all the junking I’ve done lately.  I had to keep the classifieds section of the paper closed so I wouldn’t be tempted to stray from my move in!  Now I’ll give you a peek into my new little world.  So far, so good…


Day 1 of the move in, I think.  This great wrought iron table & four chairs sold the day after I brought it in, I think… to be replaced by:


The wooden table is of the drop-leaf variety and was salvaged a couple of months ago.  The chairs were finished by my mom.  The table cover has already sold, but I still have that cool set of dishes.


One of the lithographs to the left is gone, as is the angel statue that someone got for a song!  I don’t know what I was thinking when I priced that thing.  I need to pay closer attention to what I’m doing!!  Carol — that’s the garden cart on the left, full of floral chenille pillows.


That little wind-up alarm clock is already sold, as is the little piece of silver-plate.  I adore the teapot lamp, and that black blob on the right is an old radio speaker.  Many people who should know better were holding it up to their mouths and being silly girls over the weekend, despite the swine flu scare.  It does make an excellent hearing aid…


Frames were a HUGE seller last week.  When this picture was taken, three frames were already sold.  The two behind the dress form are now gone, too.  And I had the cutest christening outfit hung in the long black frame for about a half a second.  The iron table has sold.  The black urns are gone.  And two of my petticoats, the top hat and the wall pocket have sold, as well.


I so love this display.  Both the photo/card holders sold quickly, but luckily I had replacements ready.


I think all this merch is still in the store… 


Someone is handling the merchandise!!  I think I told her I wouldn’t post this pic, but I just couldn’t resist…it’s too cute.  The “perfect womanhood” bust was atop the wicker stool by my dress forms before it was snagged at another crazy low price.  Su had a little fun with it before they parted ways…


Another view of the flower bed area…


Shared space pink display…


More shared space…


Not so mellow yellow display…


More yellow that’s not selling well…

and lastly:


One shop.  Three different spaces.  Have I become a space invader?  Can I handle the pressure?  Will anyone keep buying all my junk? Guess we’ll find out. All I know for sure is that what was shaping up to be one of my worst months ever, turned out to be among the top three.   Tomorrow is the start of the next pay period, so we’ll see how it goes.  I have lots of work ahead of me this week.  I need to get a chandelier painted and hung, finish up a dresser so I can move the sold table out of the big space, finish stocking the big space, do a massive re-haul of the space with the yellow stuff, find a home for all that stained glass, and of course…spend some time and money junking!!  If you’re one of my customers, I thank you immensely for your support.  If you’re Su…don’t be too mad over the photo…and I’m impressed you’re looking at this blog.  If you’re a junker, I’m so glad to get to know you.  We’re a unique group.  Don’t forget to support Baby Bella.  Buy your raffle tix now!!

Goodwill Hunting

24 Apr

This week has been — to quote Hazel — a doozie!  So much junk, so little time.  I’m expanding into my big space a week from today, so the time crunch has begun!  I might be finished with all my projects if it weren’t for a week of thrifting, estate sales and space re-dos.  I really do need an extra 12 hours in a day.  I want to show you my back patio:





And that’s only about 1/3 of the patio.  There is a table that’s in the works and a bunch of chairs and frames that are taking up space that used to make for a pretty cute porch.  About 2/3 of the porch is currently storage and a work area.  And the natives are getting restless.  My husband mentioned how cluttered our TV room has become.  I assured him it was going to get worse before it gets better, but that come May 1, it’ll all be gone!  He’s under the impression that May 1 is a long way away.  If he were walking in my shoes, he’d see things differently, I’m sure (and vice versa…).

I really think, after this week, that Goodwill should be renamed Greatwill, because it was!!  I also found treasures at five other thrift shops this week and found a fantastic estate sale full of interesting finds.  In between thrifting, I’ve been chipping away at my projects little by little.  I also had to re-do my current space and a space I share with five other junkers.  I’ve painted and painted, but still have a few more things to finish up.  I’ve sanded and sanded and breathed in way too much paint dust, but I love every minute of it.  I’ve distressed so much furniture this week that I was driving down a street today and saw a new metal mailbox that I thought would look thismuch better if I simply took a piece of sandpaper to it.  I’m not kidding.  Junk has taken control of my brain. 

The same thing used to happen to me in my other lifetime when I used to edit copy.  After reading copy all day long, my dreams would be in dialogue, like I was reading a script:  “No,” she said as she pushed his hand away.  He mocked her, laughingly, as she turned away in a huff.

Those dreams used to drive me crazy, but I had them regularly while on deadline.  Now I’m wanting to age other people’s possessions.  Where does it end? Luckily I was sans sandpaper when I saw that mailbox today.

Tomorrow I’ll be hitting garage sales in a neighborhood near my house, then it’s back to Thursday’s estate sale for the half-off day.  Remember when I was talking about Saturday junking emergencies?  Tomorrow’s one of those days.  Then after hauling kids around early afternoon, I’ll be painting again, and the next day, and the next day…

Here are a few of the things that are shop-ready… hope you enjoy!


I got the mirror at auction. It’s from a pub in England.  I painted and did a wee bit distress work on the frame.


I think I’m taking her like she is, but I may end up painting her.


I live in a mid-century modern house — hence the lamp, and that’s a Russel Wright bowl off to the left.  I’ve stowed the mirror, urns and candlesticks on my buffet for now.  I do so love that mirror — $1 at an estate sale!


urns were from a neighborhood garage sale.


yet another urn — $1 at a garage sale.


And finally… a sweet little bird, tucked into its nest for the night…just like I’m about to be, as I’ll be an early bird in the morning.