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The things we do for junk…

16 Apr

I could make a laundry list of the things I’ve done for junk, but I think you know the drill.  Luckily I have a very capable and willing teenage son who doesn’t mind jumping out of the minivan in a strange neighborhood to hoist a heavy screen door from someone’s trash pile.  He doesn’t even duck when I’m scoping out a broken dresser and having a quick word with the woman who tossed it.  I love him dearly… almost as much as junk.  Okay… I love him more.  Gosh!  So my patio is full of finds waiting to be painted, cleaned, repaired, toted to the shop.  May 1 needs to hurry and arrive since I’m on overload.  And I’m pretty certain my wedding vows may have said ” ’til junk do us part.”  I know my husband is ready to have the TV room back to normal.  It’s full of boxes from a catalog order, old doll heads from the 20s, a box of smalls waiting for May1, all those darn neck ties waiting to be sewn into a bag — I told you not to hold your breath…bags upon bags of beautiful pillows that take up SO much room, a dress form, that I must admit looks pretty hot in only her petticoat.  So it really is the things WE do for junk.  It’s not just about me.  My family puts up with it and seldom has a cross word to say.  They help me move van seats out of the van and back into the van.  They’ll load a piece of furniture on a moment’s notice without complaint.  The kids don’t even complain about the vintage smell of the minivan, though sometimes my husband says I smell vintage — especially when I’ve spent a lot of time driving around in the warm sunshine, soaking in all those old smells.  He loves me anyway, and I’m one lucky girl.