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What do you collect?

25 Mar


Yesterday, while walking through the fields of Warrenton, my junking buddy Janet asked me that title question. All I could come up with was Floraline pottery. Yes. I spare NO expense when it comes to my collections! But I couldn’t name anything else. Duh.

I’m a sucker for anything with my name on it. Luckily, with a common married name like Day, I run across stuff regularly. The photo above is of my most recent purchase. I’ll probably frame them.

Hope you’re having a nice DAY! (That joke never gets old…)


Artistry at work

20 Dec



The infamous cotton. See story below.





Carla and I worked on this tree a bit...but Lily (Lisa's daughter) eventually found collars to add (not pictured.)







It just so happens that I was in her neck of the woods ’round about the time Lisa McIlvain was fluffing her beautiful home for a feature in the Dallas Morning News. I imagine you’ve seen variations (professional shots, even) on my CELL PHONE photos above, and this is old news to you by now. I didn’t feel right breaking a story that wasn’t mine, so I waited my turn. Kindly. Like polite people should do. (And just so you know, all the photos above were from one room in her home, but the entire house was decorated for Christmas. And her studio? I have major studio envy. She needs to be in Where Women Create next.)

What you haven’t seen anywhere is my behind-the-scenes story of a weekend adventure with Lisa. She’s kind of a big deal in certain circles, you know.

So here it is: We made plans way back in October to go junking together in Canton. Then, the DMN feature story got scheduled around the same December weekend and in a fit of panic (or Diva-ness), Lisa canceled our Canton trip. As the date drew closer and the feature interview was complete, the junk beckoned and Lisa relaxed a bit,  deciding she could go missing for a few hours the day prior to her photo shoot.  (Who does that?!!) Canton, here we come!

Mother Nature, however, had other plans. The weather in Ft. Worth was cold and rainy the entire weekend, so we opted for some local junking instead. My crafty friend Carla joined us on our big adventure, during which Lisa may have seemed maybe a bit anxious, with a photo shoot only hours away. But we gave it our all, picking up a couple of treasures along the way to add warmth to an already picture-perfect home.

Carla and I went back home with Lisa after our adventure, and she put us to work. Or pretended to, anyway. (Just for the record, I would’ve done the same thing, but I would’ve been secretly rolling my eyes and changing everything once my “helpers” were gone.) Not Lisa.

Here’s a sample conversation of what went down …

Me, in the garage: You totally need to bring that cotton inside.

Lisa: What will we put it in?

Me: Where’s that loving cup you scored?

Lisa: I don’t have it yet.

Carla: What about that champagne bucket?

(We get busy with the cotton, and I suggest adding a cabinet card. As a joke, I get really specific with the cabinet card we need.)

Me: We need a picture of a boy with a sled. (wink, wink to Carla)

(And I kid you not, it took only seconds before Lisa responded.)

Lisa: How about a dog with a sled?

Seriously. And it was a family photo, to0! Because that’s how she rolls. And the arrangement was mentioned in the article and a photo was included.

Truth is, Lisa didn’t need our help to fluff. (I suspect she planted the cotton in the garage just so we’d feel useful.) She’s a big ball of talent. Her home was beautiful when we arrived. And she doesn’t even keep her kids in cages. They play in the living room. They help. And they proudly tell their friends they’re going to be in the paper.

Beautiful children, beautiful family, beautiful home, beautiful Christmas. As it should be.

And I helped.

Postscript: After the photo shoot, Lisa was busy getting food ready for a party she was hosting that very night. She’s so non-stop. Visit her etsy shop. Buy some stuff. You’ll be glad you did.


4 Aug

Yep, it’s time… Now through August 20, 2011, take 20% off your purchases from Checkered Past at both Homestead Handcraft locations in San Antonio, Texas. Sorry, but discount does not apply to items being put on layaway. Simply show a copy of this post at the counter to receive your discount. OR… if your phone’s not smart enough, you can print out a copy of this post. Also… feel free to share this information with your peeps. I’m too hot and bothered to put coupons in the store, so I guess you could call this my lazy days of summer sale. And just so you know… I just dropped off a bunch of really kickin’ letter jackets and varsity sweaters at the Thousand Oaks location. And of course… no photos. Get over it. It’s a sale!!!


8 Jun






Finally rediscovered my dining room table and promptly covered it again, sorting through a box of pins and medals (and coins and spoons, oh my).

I bought the box without really looking through it. Most of its contents is sports related (even the spoons). And most of it is from Australia.

Can’t wait to throw together a charm necklace or bracelet using some of the sports club membership medals (second and third photos).

In case you haven’t heard, I LOVE junk.

Linking up with junker newbie and her “Would You Buy It?” Wednesday

It spoke to me…

13 Mar

When I logged on to Etsy a few minutes ago, this photo jumped out at me:

So I thought I’d share.

The seller is ellemoss.

Hope your weekend was divine.

I’m off to the coast for a couple of days of R&R. The waves are calling my name…

Another full day

10 Mar

Another full trunk.

And finally… a fairly full shop!

My contribution to Easter? Easter buckets…filled with moss and tea-stained eggs. {Great use for those eggs that are hanging out in your fridge way past their welcome. Just use a sharp object to punch a hole in each end, shake ’em up and blow! Then rinse, so they don’t get gnarly. I tea stain them after I’ve emptied them, so they get nice and clean in the hot, hot water, too.}

Easter merch has been flying out of the shop even though Easter falls late this year.  I don’t really have any colorful Easter items, but I’m still stocking my colorful corner. I just love these:

Most of the keys are from hotels in the San Antonio area, some of which are still in operation.  One buyer told me she was going to stop by the hotel and try the key… just in case they’ve stayed vintage and haven’t switched to card keys. Good luck with that!

Tomorrow I’ll be picking up lots of furniture. It’s been a good junking week, but I’ll be glad to see it in my rearview mirror all the same.

Pretty as a picture

24 Feb

Beauty is, indeed, in the eye of the beholder.

See? I haven’t given up the love for shabby whites…

Player piano rolls find a new home in an old night stand/side table. Call it whatever you want. You want it to be a kitchen island? OKAY!

Just shy of a complete set of silverplate. I can’t resist it.

A witch’s hat Victrola horn. Wouldn’t it make an excellent hanging light?  All it needs is a little ol’ light kit.

Near miss today: A cubby, very similar to this one, only not green, for $3. I kid you not. I was so bummed I tried calling the person who bought it to see if she would sell it to me. Alas, no answer.