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My tootsies are toasted!

19 Mar

It’s been a long day, and I’ve yet to see the shower.  I was up way too late last night creating some little pieces of art, then I was too wired to sleep.  I still have on yesterday’s clothes since I spent the day JUNKING!!!  On estate sale days and flea market days, I usually roll out of bed, put on the clothes from the night before, brush my teeth, comb my hair, and head out the door as soon as the kids are tucked away neatly at school.  Today was no exception.  Usually I’ve washed away my vintageness by now, however.  But . . . the tub’s not going anywhere.  We’ll still have hot water once I finish blogging, right?! 

So this morning I had two sales from which to choose — a brand new sale being run by a company whose pricing is sometimes a little on the high side and part two of a sale I decided not to attend during the first weekend because there were no discounts.  Today, however, they started with a 50% discount on all items under $25.  Hmmmm . . . I chose the re-run sale, and it turned out to be a wise choice.  There were so many smalls that I had a hard time paying attention.  Every time I re-visited a room I’d see something that I hadn’t noticed before.  I ended up with a score too lengthy to list, but it included three metal trunks, two of which still had the tray insert; wooden shoes; a Victorian button-up boot (yes, just one); a couple of bed warmers from England; a couple of Victorian velvet photo albums (one of my addictions); a pink metal toy ironing board (I remember it from my childhood); a really cool vintage embroidery ring on a stand; a great fabric jewelry box, with a print of a Dutch girl on the top; old buttons on cards; some birds and nests (which I plan to work on ASAP); and lots of other goodies.  Probably the one buy I surprised myself with was a milk can that had been painted blue and had a tractor seat that was chippy red and silver attached to the top.  It was perfectly dinged up and a keeper at just $2.25.  Wow!

These people were quite the collectors and amassed collections of all types and quality!  My favorite of their collections was found in a corner in the sun room.  Gnomes and elves were everywhere!  They even had gnome Christmas lights!  I bought a couple of pieces of pottery and some big vintage wooden cutouts, but didn’t go hog wild.  (In case you didn’t read my first post, I’m a sucker when it comes to buying entire collections.)  I’m proud of my restraint today!

The sale was extremely fun, and I saw one of my favorite flea market vendors there.  He always greets me with a smile and a hug, so I enjoy running into him — especially when I beat him to a sale, like I did today, which is a rare occurrence!  But to balance the day out, I must admit there were some shoppers, as always, who got up on the wrong side of the bed.  One lady was dissing my gnomes, even though the only thing she seemed to be carrying was a plastic basket she could’ve purchased at Dollar Tree.  Blaaah.  And I tried to humor a grouchy old man (another one of my obsessions — talk to ’em till they smile) but he wasn’t having any of my cup of cheer.  Oh, well.  I had a blast and might go back Saturday afternoon when they really start discounting.  There was a photo album and two musical powder boxes that were way too expensive even if they had been 50% off, which they weren’t because they were over $25.  AND . . . the antique photos — cabinet cards or not — were $10 apiece!  Wow!!  I didn’t even look at them, though I certainly will if they’re still there Saturday. 

So now I’ll post photos, shower and settle in for the night with a couple of Sommerset Studio mags.  It all starts again in the morning with a sale being hosted by one of my favorite companies.  Wish me luck!

Here’s the milk can stool:


Here’s the junk in my trunk (ha!):


Who could resist this face?


One of the projects, a button collage on a celluloid powder lid, that kept me up last night: